Past Recipients

Alan Lai

Postdoctoral Fellow, Schuh Group
“Electrically Activated Shape Memory Ceramic Micro-Actuators”

Anna Jagielska

Research Scientist, Van Vliet Group
“Synthetic Neurons – A Novel Platform for Neuroscience Research and Drug Screening”

Andres Canales

Postdoctoral Fellow, Anikeeva Group
“Thermally Drawn Neural Probes as a Tool for Neuroscience Studies”

Derek Kita

PhD ’20, Hu Group
“On-Chip Raman Spectroscopy for Chemical Sensing”

Greg Ekchian

Postdoctoral Fellow, Cima Group
“Oxygen-sensitive Silicone Polymer for Quantitative and Longitudinal Monitoring of Tissue Oxygen Levels”

Leah Ellis

Postdoctoral Fellow, Chiang Group
“An Electrochemical Reactor for Decarbonating the Cement and Lime Industries”

Brendan Smith

Postdoctoral Fellow, Grossman Group
“Resilient Silicon Filtration Membranes for Treatment of Textiles Wastewater”

Mantao Huang

PhD ’20, Beach Group
“Color Pixel Based on Proton Gating”